Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Customer is not his wife is a lover of God is

Customers are wives, need we can really operate, required to achieve life-long service. Customer is not just customer transactions occurred, including the potential development of the customer. For the latter, we have to careful management, that should be the same as the lover in hot pursuit, so I think the customers are his wife, need life-long service, and potential customers, they have to like Valentine's, requires hot pursuit!

Treatment of customers, we usually deal depending on whether he happened into two categories, namely, customers (closing) and potential customers (not traded). Turnover value of customers based on their own are divided into small, medium, large, VIP customers; no transaction sales transactions according to the possibility of customers, divided into A, B, C, D four grades.

Customers are his wife, need life-long service, and why?

Because often men and women after marriage, marriage will remain for some time.涔熻2-3骞村悗锛屽弻鏂瑰鐢熸椿澶卞幓婵?儏涓庢椿鍔涳紝浠呬粎鍙槸缁存寔锛屾垨璁告槸涓哄皬瀛╁惂銆?At this point, if you do not operate her, and usually there will be a number of complaints, grievances, nagging, complain, or even for each other, having an affair and so on. You have Haikudanlan between, eachother, life service will be gone. If you do not check and do not reflect, not aware, the service is always at a standstill, never hesitate, never creative. You will only make one lose out, lose power, results of your customers will really separate.


Even if she does not leave you, you will not develop his values, or even a loss. For enterprises, the value is not particularly large. This customer loyalty is not even very concerned about your customers.

Potential customers, like lovers, need to chase the plane, why?

銆??鍥犱负娼滃湪椤惧鏄瘡瀹朵紒涓氶兘鏈熷緟鍙戝睍鐨勶紝鍚屾椂娼滃湪椤惧鐨勪袱澶т笉澶ф槸琛¢噺浼佷笟瀹炲姏鐨勪繚闅溿? Development of potential customers the most important purpose is to let her be your real customers, which hope to become your life-long lover of his wife. But the deal lover, you can not see a simple chat will be your wife. You need to give your lover the performance of the stage, let her have a little favor for you, hand in hand chance to own their love is, and finally walked down the red carpet, into the wedding hall. This four-step needs at least the middle of the development. Similarly, treatment of lovers, according to the closeness of her relationship with you to determine the possibility of its development, which is necessary, but also in the process of service need to continue to serve, to provide a feat she was very surprised, very exciting time activities, a happy honeymoon and so on.鍙湁涓嶆柇鍒涢?鏂般?濂囥?鐗圭殑涓滆タ锛屾墠浼氭劅鍒颁綘涓庡叾浠栦汉涓嶄竴鏍凤紝鍚﹀垯浣犺儨绠楃殑鏈虹巼杈冨皬銆傚洜涓哄ス涓嶅儚鑰佸﹩锛屽ぉ缁忓湴涔夛紝娉曞緥瑙勫畾锛屼綘鑷冲皯涓?鏃堕棿鍙互楂樻灂鏃犲咖锛岀劧鑰屾儏浜轰笉琛岋紝鍙湁绱х揣鍦版姄浣忎竴娆℃満浼氾紝鐢ㄥ績鍦颁负鍏舵湇鍔★紝鐪熷績鍦板叧蹇冨ス锛屾墠浼氭湁鍙兘鎴愪负鑰佸﹩銆?br />



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