Monday, October 18, 2010

Comparison of selection through selection of China Merchants Securities CYLAN (Competition Blue) SSL

China Merchants Securities through selection of comparison, the final selection of CYLAN (Race Blue) SSL VPN as a remote counter security access products, used CYLAN (Competition Blue) SSL VPN in the C / S into the functions of WEB, the China Merchants Securities The remote system computer, do not need to install any counter system procedures, as long as the remote computer to the Internet, remote sales department can use the security counter C / S program, and ensure the password remote password keypad, magnetic stripe and and the headquarters of the counter application of SSL VPN release seamlessly, the amount of the application system to achieve a centralized management and distribution so that it can help reduce investment C / S system installation, upgrades and system maintenance.

Application of topology is as follows:

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

JDK 7 will support the regular expression capture group named

Java regular expression currently do not support named capture group function, can only count by capturing group to access capture group. When the regular expression when the more complex, which contains a large number of capture groups and non-capture group, by the number of brackets from left to right to capture the group's count that is a very annoying thing; and the readability of this code is also well, when the regular expression will change when the need to modify the inside to capture group count.
To solve this problem is to capture the group by name to address, like Python, PHP,. Net, and Perl in these languages as regular expressions. This feature Javaer already looking forward to for many years, and now we have finally been realized in JDK7 b50.

The introduction of named capture groups to support the following:

(1) (? X) to define a named group NAME "

(2) k to backref a named group "NAME"

(3) <$ to reference to captured group in matcher's replacement str

(4) group (String NAME) to return the captured input subsequence by the given "named group"

Now you can use the regular type like this:

1 String pStr = "0x (? \ P (XDigit) (1,4)) \ s + + u \ + (? \ P (XDigit) (4 })(?: \ s ++)?";
3 Matcher m = Pattern.compile (pStr). Matcher (INPUTTEXT);
5 if (m.matches ()) (
7 int bs = Integer.valueOf ( ("bytes"), 16);
9 int c = Integer.valueOf ( ("char"), 16);
11 System.out.printf ("[% x] -> [% 04x]% n", bs, c);
15 String pStr = "0x (? \ P (XDigit) (1,4)) \ s + + u \ + (? \ P (XDigit) (4 })(?: \ s ++)?";
17 Matcher m = Pattern.compile (pStr). Matcher (INPUTTEXT);
19 if (m.matches ()) (
21 int bs = Integer.valueOf ( ("bytes"), 16);
23 int c = Integer.valueOf ( ("char"), 16);
25 System.out.printf ("[% x] -> [% 04x]% n", bs, c);


1 System.out.println ("0x1234 u +5678". ReplaceFirst (pStr, "u + $ 0x $"));

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Illustrator9.0 and Golive5.0

First of all, that I have said is Illustrator9.0 and Golive5.0, second, I mean a real design tool. ok! Understand the other two like to say.

I think, in time of web pages, functionality is the first place, in other words, no matter how beautiful your page, the link must first have a basic interactive functions. Once the basic functions of how to achieve longer a problem when the layout design has become the biggest problem?? If you are a web designer to say.

Golive5.0 largely changed the appearance of web designer living, it gives web designers more freedom, so that they can refine the emissions change the page element, then, I thought, this is really the beginning of web design . In particular the use of the grid layout, allows designers to form the anguish freed. Drag and drop exercise its release is sufficient to give a visual designer (and a very interesting point? Ray). Yes, and most, like Adobe's software, design of visual attention and continuity of thinking. We can more easily bound than software, more attention to the creative, design itself, once good ideas and scripts, you can easily see the effect immediately, and then move on.

The Illustrator9.0 Obviously vector design software for its King of the identity, quietly launched a revolution in the way web design elements, previously thought based on the establishment of the pixel vector designers have to consider the possibility of editing, because Illustrator9. 0 provides the functions for web designers so enticing (especially when you go from a flat web page design). Of course not to say that web design in photoshop there is no reason to the contrary, photoshop, whether in print, web, video and other image processing status of the King short unshakable. Only Illustrator9.0 provides greater possibilities and new ways of thinking.

So then, we can discuss the possibilities when working with both advantages and disadvantages (in fact, Golive5.0 integration with photoshop is more happy, it can import the psd file as a layer floating box, and the use of tracking image the trace image, that is to use photoshop for page layout.)

I remember in class, a teacher once said, Illustrator is the authoring tool, and photoshop is the editing tool. At that time did not care, really understand this sentence is in a long time after it does, no doubt, photoshop can be creative works, but when we see a strong sense of design work, a lot can be said Most works are the works of Illustrator class. The Ps are based on the works of many high-quality material to win. When you do not have good material, it is necessary sleight of hand tricks, you will choose about that? I think most designers would choose to Illustrator class of software, but I am concerned, Illustrator interface and bring out my creativity.

Especially in web design, such as the icon drawn on the element of control, text layout were collected using Illustrator is very convenient to accomplish, especially if you are from graphic designers turn to when it is easy to get started.

ok! For example, I want to make a 600 * 400 pages, create a new case in the Illustrator file size (RGB) and then set the same color in a transparent grid of two-color format (so you can easily look back tight color effect Of course, you can post rectangular template background, personal preferences), Next, import the material, were in row for the icon, or animation, or set the hot links. (Of course, some things or non-use of photoshop's) word, I did you all of the dry, then the output, the radio icon, press ALT + SHIFT + CTRL +3 hide the other objects (like photoshop do not need to cut to cut, then save for web, then the text output into a text file (if you are using intelligent object tool, you can even just paste, copy is enough). After all, ok, save the file ai file, complete change. For example, all of a sudden find the icon with the title words are wrong, if psd file, then have to re-do it again, and the ai file is extremely simple, if you have not generated the text outline of the path, you can only change, even if you have generated contour path ok, delete typo, then play the correct text, use the straw draw the same attribute text, ok, buttoned. we can even generate swf files, web images are no longer limited by the resolution (but no svg effective) noted that must be compacted in one layer on. and Illustrator is the first graphics software can generate svg mastered it is good for the future (on the svg can view articles on practical terms, it is not mature , and I think that is a lot of effect it can give the text can be edited without changing the text property is still relatively attractive)

In short the use of smart objects function and Golive5 AI9 page output, we can do a lot before do not try. (This site's home page is the combination of the two do) Of course, this is a personal point of view, but only in respect to comment on the scope of Illustrator, if you have any different opinions or better ideas, please explore! W. .. p. .. @

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CEO? Does not change the financial style, the class!

Such as Carly, her financial mission and Hewlett-Packard's financial goals may seem less than perfect matches, finally making her swallowed their anger "fired." Of course, there are still many cases can be shown that when the CEO with the company's financial mission, its result is perfect ... ...

One example is the great leader of IBM's Lou Gerstner.

Moderate increase in value with a high degree of resource utilization, Gerstner's deficit-based financial style to his leadership of IBM in the process like a duck

More than a year ago, with 21 million U.S. dollars 鍗¤帀璐瑰ゥ鑾夊 severance pay from HP.

This prestigious Queen as CEO during the sale, so HP's loss of millions of dollars. Is generally evaluated as gifted, wise beyond the Carly did not avoid the fate of losing money, what makes her career to the most gloomy times?

"A company make or lose money, and business leaders inherent financial characteristics are linked." In the "business school" manager Community Forum, the American 娉板痉鏅灄鏂?make that claim. But unfortunately, most of the CEO Board of Directors will not take the initiative to find their own fault, they often blame the company to lose money is a lot of internal or external causes combined result.

"How many people do that? You do it?" Ted asked. He admitted that in past research, that they have found that this practice is for the CEO, needs not only courage, but also honest.

Born three financial styles

In the past 20 years, Ted will own most of the energy used in collection management consulting leadership cases, while more than 130 visits and research on global CEO, to understand their financial styles, and use his leadership of the Perth Leadership Institute database and leadership model to analyze the business leaders of the financial style.

In Ted's description, the financial characteristics of a leader is born, some leaders like the use of resources, while others prefer to increase the value of leadership.

He pointed out that the leaders of different financial characteristics will directly affect the enterprise's financial performance and market value; and from the organization's financial results, we should also reflect the financial characteristics of a leader.

From two different financial characteristics, by Ted summarized nine financial missions. They are predators, arbitrageurs, parity operators, speculators, wholesalers, traders, venture capitalists were, related enterprises, mercantilist.

In further elaboration, the Ted that in the long run, these financial missions have their own specific profit models, nine financial missions, there are three essentially profit-oriented, there are three essentially depleted, There are three essentially average, without any type of profit, so they can be reduced to three major financial styles, that is, surplus, deficit, disorder.

For example, Bill Gates, Ted is a low use of resources and predators. And, and ordinary people to imagine difference is that smart is just a loss of potential, but the character of people within a very suitable CEO.

Determine the success or failure with

The results show that the short term, leaders will improve or weaken the financial characteristics of the three basic functions within the company, sales, products or services, operation.

To predators, mercantilist, venture capitalists who can see different example cheap business leaders because of their different financial performance of different missions.

Predators often bring high sales performance, mercantilists the opposite, venture capitalists are often increase investment, a large amount of resources to achieve performance parity is generally not increased business value, not use of resources.

In product performance, often predatory products and service deficiencies, mercantilist mature markets are expected to provide the quality of venture capital because they will focus on high value-added and unique, yet more opportunities to improve quality parity is not exclusive supplier of products, but with high quality.

Mission in the operational performance of the four financial performance also varies. The most outstanding performance of predators, they can at least have the greatest use of resources to more enforcement power; mercantilist its performance once again the contrary, their relatively weak execution; venture's execution is also weak, but the reason is because more its focus is different; parity implementation of the strongest companies, in order to maintain low-cost carriers, but they were inspired by the amazing creativity.

Proved, CEO of the financial mission of the company in a particular way in sales, product or service, operational impact on the outcome. When the CEO's financial mission of the company's financial goals and match between the degree is not enough, trouble came.

Such as Carly, her financial mission and Hewlett-Packard's financial goals may seem less than perfect matches, finally making her swallowed their anger "fired." Of course, there are still many cases can be shown that when the CEO with the company's financial mission, its result is perfect.

One example is the great leader of IBM's Lou Gerstner. Moderate increase in value with a high degree of resource utilization, Gerstner's deficit-based financial style that allows him to lead IBM's process like a duck. And this style, with IBM matching the culture at that time. In a mature industry, IBM, innovation is not strong atmosphere, value added tend to moderate; in resource utilization, were living high.

Ted suggested that, when the prospective CEO's decision to join a company, be sure to confirm whether their financial characteristics consistent with the new organizational culture, and secondly, the surplus-style corporate culture, CEO more likely to succeed.

Value of the company to change its gains

Easy to be successful, does not mean all. For the leader, their business is really successful business, it must be tested by the market. Ted is no compromise on this, he pointed out that business success and failure, ultimately through the company's market value reflected.

Ted enterprise market situation was divided into three types, growth, recession, or growth or decline. They point to the final track of the market value of 9.

Predators, speculators, arbitrageurs are in varying degrees, to the value of the path of growth; mercantilist, related enterprises, traders at different levels tend to decline; venture capitalists who, wholesalers, parity operators in growth and recession, the market value of mixed track came up OK.

Venture capitalists who have the financial mission Jobs, has increased the tendency of high-value and high resource utilization trend, but the two can not make him succeed.

Jobs later amended their financial characteristics, with moderately high values tend to increase spending to the speculators themselves, ultimately making the value of Apple's track from the ambiguities become increasingly clear, shining the market value of the company.

"You are a unique way to affect their market value, aware of this, you know how to do it." Ted warned.

He suggested that the value of their already very clear the CEO, tried to change their financial mission, so that the objectives of the company match, "you will change the value of the company's trajectory."


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Customer is not his wife is a lover of God is

Customers are wives, need we can really operate, required to achieve life-long service. Customer is not just customer transactions occurred, including the potential development of the customer. For the latter, we have to careful management, that should be the same as the lover in hot pursuit, so I think the customers are his wife, need life-long service, and potential customers, they have to like Valentine's, requires hot pursuit!

Treatment of customers, we usually deal depending on whether he happened into two categories, namely, customers (closing) and potential customers (not traded). Turnover value of customers based on their own are divided into small, medium, large, VIP customers; no transaction sales transactions according to the possibility of customers, divided into A, B, C, D four grades.

Customers are his wife, need life-long service, and why?

Because often men and women after marriage, marriage will remain for some time.涔熻2-3骞村悗锛屽弻鏂瑰鐢熸椿澶卞幓婵?儏涓庢椿鍔涳紝浠呬粎鍙槸缁存寔锛屾垨璁告槸涓哄皬瀛╁惂銆?At this point, if you do not operate her, and usually there will be a number of complaints, grievances, nagging, complain, or even for each other, having an affair and so on. You have Haikudanlan between, eachother, life service will be gone. If you do not check and do not reflect, not aware, the service is always at a standstill, never hesitate, never creative. You will only make one lose out, lose power, results of your customers will really separate.


Even if she does not leave you, you will not develop his values, or even a loss. For enterprises, the value is not particularly large. This customer loyalty is not even very concerned about your customers.

Potential customers, like lovers, need to chase the plane, why?

銆??鍥犱负娼滃湪椤惧鏄瘡瀹朵紒涓氶兘鏈熷緟鍙戝睍鐨勶紝鍚屾椂娼滃湪椤惧鐨勪袱澶т笉澶ф槸琛¢噺浼佷笟瀹炲姏鐨勪繚闅溿? Development of potential customers the most important purpose is to let her be your real customers, which hope to become your life-long lover of his wife. But the deal lover, you can not see a simple chat will be your wife. You need to give your lover the performance of the stage, let her have a little favor for you, hand in hand chance to own their love is, and finally walked down the red carpet, into the wedding hall. This four-step needs at least the middle of the development. Similarly, treatment of lovers, according to the closeness of her relationship with you to determine the possibility of its development, which is necessary, but also in the process of service need to continue to serve, to provide a feat she was very surprised, very exciting time activities, a happy honeymoon and so on.鍙湁涓嶆柇鍒涢?鏂般?濂囥?鐗圭殑涓滆タ锛屾墠浼氭劅鍒颁綘涓庡叾浠栦汉涓嶄竴鏍凤紝鍚﹀垯浣犺儨绠楃殑鏈虹巼杈冨皬銆傚洜涓哄ス涓嶅儚鑰佸﹩锛屽ぉ缁忓湴涔夛紝娉曞緥瑙勫畾锛屼綘鑷冲皯涓?鏃堕棿鍙互楂樻灂鏃犲咖锛岀劧鑰屾儏浜轰笉琛岋紝鍙湁绱х揣鍦版姄浣忎竴娆℃満浼氾紝鐢ㄥ績鍦颁负鍏舵湇鍔★紝鐪熷績鍦板叧蹇冨ス锛屾墠浼氭湁鍙兘鎴愪负鑰佸﹩銆?br />



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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fireworks produced the modal filter

Look at the results chart below

1, using the vector tools to draw under the star-shaped tool and choose a red star.

2 stars corner drag handle, adjust

3, Select "section select" tool, drag each corner, adjusting for the irregular star

4, the key step: Select Alien Skin Splat LE filters under the Edges

5, by adjusting the parameters of it. Select the effect you like, kick down the call it a day. Thank you watch.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Take the appropriate road to building an effective digital hospital

Suitable mainly from the "reasonable" point of view to study the process of hospital information behavior and conditions. Personally, I think, need to do the following in order to take the appropriate road, building effective digital hospital.

Goals to appropriate

The pursuit of realistic goals: the pursuit of digital hospital building is the goal rather than the spirit of objective reality, "relative advantage", "phase target," "comprehensive index" is the real goal, "fill in the blanks", "pursuit of the first" and "Ming already, amazed, "" Yu Gong, "" iron rod ground to pin "is the spiritual goal. "Failure is the mother of success" thinking is even more intolerable.

Strategy to match

Strategic match consists of three areas: hospital strategic match, regional health information programming matching, technology strategy match.

Hospital strategic alignment: strategic alignment refers to the Hospital Hospital Information Strategy and with the degree of coordination between hospital strategies. IT strategy to adapt to the hospital, while hospitals have appropriate use of IT for strategic advantage.

Regional health information programming match: health authorities and hospitals in the health information needs are focused on the hospital pay more attention to information within the hospital, and finally the hospital and Health Department and other hospitals to share information. This doctor card from the people of Beijing, Shenzhen, the city hospital cards, etc., the development can be seen. The health administrative departments concerned with the macro stuff, more concerned about data sharing within the region. Therefore, the hospital information technology planning, and regional health planning to develop, in close communication in order to maintain the hospital information and regional information on the line in the general direction.

Technology strategy matching: is the hospital information technology strategy and technology with the degree of coordination between environment. First we look at the technology life cycle, see the technology in what stage of its life cycle. In addition to technology, life cycle, we need to understand the HIS, PACS, LIS vendors of information technology strategy. Understanding of relevant professional bodies on the hospital information system technology point of view.

Process to standardize

Why sell when the workers are the same chips in which shops, and restaurant food in a cupboard of a taste, because the production of McDonald's french fries are standard procedures, can be replicated, but there is no specification in the restaurant cooking The process can not be copied.

How to do process specification? First of all disciplines to form a hospital-based thinking, and then convert the discipline of thinking processes. In this regard, we can make use of IT governance.

Security to ensure

Application of appropriate information security means the security situation in hospitals is reasonable. Mainly in the security strategy and business strategy consistency.

Performance to assess

Performance Evaluation of information focused on two aspects of information evaluation process, after evaluation of the results back to hospitals, to achieve the evaluation of the implementation process; the other hand, the effect produced on the information a comprehensive evaluation.

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